Therabody becomes Official Recovery Partner of Melbourne City FC, Manchester City, Sichuan Jiuniu FC and Mumbai City

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Therabody announced a partnership with Melbourne City FC, Manchester City, Sichuan Jiuniu FC and Mumbai City as Official Recovery Partner of the respective Clubs, providing best-in-class recovery equipment to their network of teams.

The new partnership bridges together each team’s mission to reduce the risk of injury and optimise recovery, whilst laying the groundwork for a healthy and sustainable career in professional football.

The new partnership will see the use of Therabody products expanded across Melbourne City FC, Manchester City, Mumbai City and Sichuan Jiuniu FC. It will help each club to optimise further warm-up and recovery strategies in the pursuit of elite performances.

Through the partnership, Melbourne City FC, Mumbai City, Manchester City and Sichuan Jiuniu FC will continue to integrate Therabody’s Theragun devices and other leading technologies into team training and recovery protocols – on the pitch, on the go, or in their own home. The clubs will also have access to Therabody’s network of world-renowned health and wellness experts through Therabody University.

“We are thrilled to be joining Manchester City, Melbourne City, Sichuan Jiuniu FC and Mumbai City in their pursuit of enhancing performance and overall health of their professional players and Clubs,” said Dr Jason Wersland, Therabody’s Founder and Chief Wellness Officer.

“Educating people on the importance of taking care of your body, both physically and mentally, is core to Therabody’s mission and drives our innovation forward. These clubs are leading the charge in taking care of their players and providing the best products in the industry to increase player longevity. It’s an honour to be a part of a team whose mission and values align so closely with our own,” he added.

Sandeep Kurale, Head of Rehabilitation and Medical Services at Mumbai City, said, “It’s vital that we keep improving and developing new standards for our players’ training and recovery levels along with their general wellbeing. Joining hands with Therabody will allow us to provide best-in-class products, know-how and resources to our players and provide them access to optimized training and recovery regimes, allowing them to perform at their maximum potential.”

James Baldwin, Head of Physiotherapy at Manchester City Football Club, said, “We are delighted to welcome Therabody as a new partner. Supporting our players to help them reach their potential and caring for their overall health and wellbeing is vital for our organisation, as we strive to deliver high-quality performances and push for success on the pitch.”

“We continually look for new ways to innovate and improve training and recovery for our players and through the partnership with Therabody, we will be able to provide best-in-class products, knowledge and resources to optimise training and recovery,” he added.

Andrew McKenzie, Head of Human Performance at Melbourne City Football Club, said, “We are excited to be welcoming Therabody as a new partner of the Club. It is key that we are always looking for new ways to improve our training and recovery, and this new partnership will allow us to further support our players and ensure they hit their full potential on the pitch.”

“Partnering with Therabody gives us access to best-in-class products, knowledge and resources, which is vital to our players’ health and wellbeing as we continue to keep our standards high,” he said.

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